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Wednesday Link Love: Freebies, Blog Design and Get Your Awsome On!

blogs and coffee collageToday on the Blogging 201 Challenge we are asked to consider our branding — how we convey our message to the masses (or to my 20 or so followers ;). In doing this I have tweeked a few things on the blog, namely my background, widgets and some sidebar buttons — in an effort to allow my visitors to know who I am and what I’m all about. Actually if I was letting you know what I’m all about I would have pizza and cheesecake as my background, but I do have a certain style that I want to present so although it may change from time-to-time it will always be a reflection of my personality — ordinary in that fun and sensible kind of way!

While researching ways to do all the aforementioned, I came across some awsome stuff and decided to share it with you via a Link Love post which I’m thinking I will do often — I am constantly researching for either my blogs, website or something I’m writing so I may as well put all that wasted time to good use… just kidding, it’s valuable and important (there, I feel better now).

Whether you have a blog or you pour your creativity out in the form of home decorating, scrapbooking or just creating your own homemade cards and other printables, you will love these links!  EnJOY!


  • Marie Forleo is a dynamo and so funny and entertaining that you forget she actually is trying to teach you something! Her website is loaded with useful info to get you up and running no matter what you are running to/from/for!  I love her videos, she’s a hoot!  This is from her About page:

    I’m here to make you rich.

    Before we go further, let’s redefine rich, shall we? Because the rich I’m talking about reaches far beyond toys and cash.

    Rich means unlocking your spiritual potential, nurturing your health and happiness and using your unique talents to change the world.

  • is a great site that has a boatload of design resources for graphics, fonts, background patterns, etc. and many of the resource links given are for freebies!  Can you say “Woohoo!” — I like it when I find a place that gives me all of my resources in one place, this way I’m not constantly going to many sites but rather I have the lazy luxury of having someone else do it for me 😀
  • One of the many places I have saved in my browser’s favorites is Creative Market — love, love, love them!  They have over 3,400 shops just full of the most gorgeous graphic design products on the web and some of the most talented artist anywhere.
  • Luvly Marketplace is another amazing site full of gorgeous graphics for creative types and the prices for the items that aren’t freebies (and yes, there are lots of freebies) are some of the most reasonable I have seen yet.
  • I would remiss if I didn’t mention Etsy!  Did you know you can get stunning graphics for your blog on Etsy? Oh, yes!  I usually search for “digital graphics” which will render you nearly 50,000 items or you can filter further; my search for “digital graphics blogs” came up with over 1,200 items!  I seriously could spend all day shopping that stuff o.O  The artist are incredibly talented and the prices for their work is super doable!
  • One more, I promise!  If you could only read one site… just one, about blogging I would send you to!  Darren Rowse is the blogging genius creator of this mega-site for bloggers and it is one of the most, if not THE most, comprehensive website dedicated to all levels of blogging in the blogosphere.  When you visit you can peruse the main site or, and I usually go this route, you can click on the tab at the top titled “Blog” for even more great content!

I think I’ll make this a regular post, I’m a huge researcher and I have tons of great places on the web saved to my faves and to my Evernote app (I need to probably mention that in a post too, could not live without it!) — I hope you find some of this helpful and that it enables you to create something beautiful, meaningful or just plain fun!


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