Blogging 201 Challenge / Goal Setting / Inspiration

My Number One Blogging Goal in 2014? Have Fun!

laptop and coffee whiteI am participating in the DailyPost Blogging 201 Challenge and for the first assignment, should I dare to accept 😉 is to outline my goals for this blog. Well I can pretty much sum it up in two words: Have. Fun.  Unfortunately, I have to attach numbers and stuff to my goals — I mean they are called goals for a reason, meaning what I want to achieve should be somewhat measurable. So here’s what I would like to accomplish while having the time of my life here at The Kept Life:

  1. Post every day.
  2. Bring others on board to share in the fun — I would love to see 10 new followers a week, more would be awsome like getting 10 per day, starting… NOW!
  3. Have those who read my daily funspiration, return and read often — views in the 100+ range each day by June 30!
  4. Strengthen my Twitter following (which hovers around 960) by posting/retweeting and replying daily and infuse my content with tweetable gold!
  5. Pin on Pinterest daily (currently at 2400 followers) increase organic reach by 100 followers by June 30 – always make posts Pin-worthy!
  6. Forget Facebook — come to terms with the fact that organic reach would suck up all my time and not be worth it; concentrate on content, Twitter and Pinterest!
  7. Put myself “out there” — allow the reader to see me and share in my daily life via photoblogging and personal updates.
  8. Give something in return!  Help others who are like myself to find their own self-worth in the second-half of life (over 40) – share experiences, goals, life events!
  9. Be real! Ordinary is awsome!
  10. Start at least 3 weekly series:
  • Manly Monday (or Mandays)
  • Tasty Tuesdays
  • Work-from-Home Wednesdays
  • Frumpy Fridays
  • Selfie Saturdays

Whew! That didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would 😀  Thanks for listening and stay tuned because now I have actually do all of this stuff!



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