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The Beautiful Home Office: Inspiration!

Ralph Lauren Home: Stadium Red Paint

Ralph Lauren Home: Stadium Red Paint

I plan to redecorate my home office — not only to redecorate, but to reinvent! There, I said it… now I have to do it. This picture is not our actual home office but it is the paint color: Ralph Lauren Home Paint in Stadium Red. You notice I said our office 🙂 This office started out as just an office for my career-intensive-ladder-climbing husband; complete with the oversized, and incredibly beautiful, walnut L-shaped executive desk, large credenza, lots of techie stuff (he’s a tech-guy), but when I started taking my blogging/website and writing seriously I knew I needed an office – besides I am also the CEO of our family and I run it much like a serious endeavor of any sort so I needed officey stuff 🙂

Our home office is large, large enough that I was able to procure a whole 1/3 of the office (or a whole corner) for myself. I bought a black desk and my husband, who knows my love of animal print, bought me a zebra print side chair – I love it, but the dark red paint with the black and the darker still silk drapes are just… I don’t know… too dark? Brooding? I think I’m ready to go lighter, but I still need to use the desk and chair because I love them!

Since we are moving in June (at least it’s the end of June as of right now) I need to assume a color for the walls because, obviously, I’m not where I will end up in a few months. I’m going to base everything on a lighter color: antique white, latte, or maybe a paler-than-pale blue or sandy yellow.  Anyway, here’s my inspiration, ideas, etc.  It’s not conclusive to be sure, but it’s the start; besides, getting everything out of my head helps the process. Thanks for going along with me!

Ralph Lauren Home Paint in Stadium Red

Ralph Lauren Home Paint in Stadium Red

This is the gorgeous, rich Stadium Red that is in our current home office — beautiful, but can be dark and limiting, I’m ready to lighten things up!







paint colors for home office

I love these hues as neutrals with the Antique White being the most bright and the Butter a close second, but I love the idea of Gray; a beautiful neutral that makes everything look good and color really pops around gray, without the garishness you can get against a white.  The Latte, and the Lenox Tan, are in there because I have Latte in my house now and it is quite simply the most perfect wall color ever. It is soft and easy on the eye and doesn’t compete with adjoining paint colors (we have the Sherwin-Williams version).



I love the idea of bringing color in with the textiles, in this case the beautiful red and white curtains.



Although this seems very busy I love the infusion of color the celery green and magenta bring to a very ordinary brown. I also love that framed inspiration board!


When researching I found that a current trend in home offices is the all white look with color added via the accents. I do love the look and I am planning to bring color in – I do love the idea of pink with my black, maybe the Antique White on the walls would be a good back drop for this look.


This is a very traditional and neutral office, the chair is great and adds a chic touch, but I love a neutral look.  I wouldn’t mind this with touches of pink and magenta sprinkle throughout, or maybe a china blue.


Man, I love this yellow gold color! You can tell it’s used with a white/gray office and it looks amazing — I’m thinking yellow-gold with magenta accents!



I love the green too! I need to redo all my rooms… too. many. ideas!  I have to find a way to green or tiffany blue velvet into my next house!


And then there’s leopard print — seriously, I love this! Maybe just a stool, like here, used as extra workspace.


I love this inspiration board — it’s huge and streamlined so the focus is on the pinnings and not the board itself.


This is a track system and I’m thinking about something like this, but I would want my inspiration board to be the focal point and not files or supplies, but this is amazing for areas that do not have a lot of desk space.  My desk doesn’t so I may have to consider this, I would just reorganize it a bit.

That’s it for now. I will update with my ideas and musings regularly. Thanks for stopping by!



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