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Revision is next to godliness

We are all writers, whether you are a fashion/mommy/interior design blogger, we convey our message with words. This is an excellent little piece about revision — as a professional proofreader myself, I can tell you that a good “once over” before hitting the submit/publish button does a world of good! EnJOY!

Today's Author

To write is human, to edit is divine

Stephen King

As much as I’d love to say that a perfect piece of prose can be obtained from a first draft, the truth of the matter is that good writing lays within the revision, editing, proofreading and analysis of a piece. Like a good curry, a well rounded piece of writing needs time to develop its own character, brew and settle. The following strategies may prove useful as you revise your next piece of writing.

  • Give it time. Revision over time will assist in organising your piece, ensuring that the theme and message you intended to share shines clearly. Even a few hours will give you a fresh perspective and draw you away from being too close to your work.
  • Start at the Start. Evaluate your introduction, ensuring that it grabs the readers attention, forms strong images or evokes the senses…

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