Adventures in Suburbia

stoplightIf you live anywhere near the Ohio Valley, say from Chicago down through Kentucky and maybe even Tennessee, you know something about high winds. I ventured out today, a sunny and crystal clear blue sky kind of day, to go to the supermarket (and I mean super as in huge, it even has a clothing dept. – bad idea that!) and seriously I thought my car was going to topple over from the straight-line winds. On days like this our straightline can come in at around 35mph with gusts at 50 — the kind of wind where you are sitting at a stop light watching them swing violently to and fro thinking “I wonder how much those things weigh?” as in, how much damage will that do to the hood of my car, get me the hell out of here!

I love this area, living between horse farms, with rolling hills of green (well it’s green 5 months out of the year anyway, right now it’s a lovely tannish-taupe color) but I have never liked the winds. There are few places in the country where you have to do a walk-around of your house every week or so to check for loose roof shingles or uplifted siding, and that’s without a thunderstorm involved; intro a storm and you might be calling your homeowner’s agent more than not.  We have been fortunate (knock on wood, or formica, close enough…) to not have a tree fall into our attic or have to call a siding company to repair the abode, but it gets tiresome constantly worrying about the damage the wind might do.

In a couple of months we move permanently to Colorado, just south of Denver, to say I am hoping for calmer winds is a vast understatement.  I can handle snow, ice, thunderstorms and even occasional hail storms, but can I please have a break from the ‘high wind’ alerts on my smart phone?  Can I please not have the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane? I just want to put out my deck boxes and outdoor furniture with coordinating cushions and not have to go out the next morning and pick everything up out of my neighbors yard! Here’s to hoping!

Enjoy your day… life is good!



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