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What Should We Do with Caesar Obama?

My sentiments exactly… I love Jayson’s writing and he seems to always be spot on! EnJOY!

Jayson D. Bradley

800px-Barack_Obama_addresses_LULAC_7-8-08 It was shaping up to be a normal Labor Day barbecue—until I made the tragic mistake of opening my mouth. People were busy cooking, cleaning, and setting up and I overheard a discussion about one political issue or another, ” . . . I can’t wait to get Obama out of office; he’s so evil.”

Now, I’m not a huge Obama supporter, so I don’t know why I felt I need to speak up. I casually said, “Oh come on, he’s not evil.”

In retrospect, it wasn’t a good idea.

What happened next wasn’t a discussion; it was an eruption. The passion and vehemence with which they argued that he was an incredibly evil man set me back.

Christian character assassination

I hear it in our church foyers, coffee shops, and proudly displayed across our social media channels. Disrespectful and mean-spirited demonization of political leaders by Christians. And it isn’t just coming…

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